What is Responsible Investing?

Explore how environmental, social and governmental aspects could be a potential source of opportunities and a driver for change.

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Want to make a positive impact with your investments?

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time and urgent actions are needed.   

Whether you’re interested in reducing CO2 emissions, climate-friendly innovations or promoting diversity in the world of work to name but a few, you can choose to contribute to a more low carbon and socially just future.

What is responsible investing?

It is relatively well known that the abbreviation “ESG” is related to sustainability, but what do the three letters actually mean? 

Responsible investment is a term that is inclusive of investment approaches that consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in portfolio selection and management across different strategies* from exclusion to integration, engagement and voting to impact investing. 

Capital E with icon of leaf Environment refers to the ability of companies to control their direct and indirect impacts on the environment. It can include a firm’s carbon footprint, energy use and waste management.
Capital S with logo of people The social part focuses on issues related to the human capital and the protection of human rights in general. It includes working conditions, diversity and non-discrimination, health & safety.
Capital G with icon of classical building Governance factors look at the firm’s management team and the way it runs the business, Shareholder rights, executive compensation as well as bribery and corruption. It assesses companies' ability to ensure an effective corporate governance framework that guarantees it will meet its long-term objectives.


At Amundi we analyse the way ESG companies can materially impact the value of companies and the way companies can impact the environment and social matters or human rights. 

Do you want to help transform the economy?

The good news is that we believe that responsible, forward-looking action and long-term opportunities go hand in hand.


That is why we aim to offer environmental, social and governmental aspects in our responsible investment strategies in addition to financial ones.


So, if there are specific environmental or social challenges you would like to try and tackle, we have you covered.

Do you want to help transform the economy?

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("Please refer to the Amundi Responsible Investment Policy and the Amundi Sustainable Finance Disclosure Statement available here”) 

*source: GSIA Global Sustainable Investment Alliance https://www.gsi-alliance.org/ 

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