Finding Income

What does finding income mean? Let us explain it in simple terms.

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The basics of income investing

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The basics of income investing

What is income investing?

Income generation has been at the forefront of everyone's needs for a number of years. So what is Income investing? It is when you receive a regular income either weekly, monthly, yearly from your investments.


Why do we need income?

Income can help us put a little more in our wallet and may help us prepare for the future.

The goal is that on a quarterly or monthly basis regular income is generated, and that you maintain your purchasing power and try to match or beat inflation with your investment choices.


Is it right for you?

In the search for income you will need to decide the level of risk you are comfortable with. 


Things to think about on your journey to income investing

In your search for income, you will have different options such as deposits, bonds, income or multi-asset funds. However your options will depend on a number of things:

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The higher the rate of inflation, the higher your income needs on a monthly basis.
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Uncertainty/Risk approach
This can be from the economic, market and geopolitical backdrop.
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Income Potential
You will want to seek alternatives to cash to potentially generate higher income.

Our investment solutions offer opportunities, but also involve risks, such as possible price losses, loss of capital or the loss of distributions.

Find the right balance

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Find the right balance

You may want income as part of your pension, or to fund the next generation through college or simply align with your financial goals.

It's about exploring investments that offer income with stability, that are diversified, help maintain your purchasing power and are able to withstand the impact of inflation.

It is up to you which one you choose but its important that you understand the fundamental elements of income investing.

You should get advice from a professional who will guide you on your level of risk as well as your options.


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The choice is yours

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