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Monthly Market Views: July 2024

2024_07 - Monthly Market Views-EN

Monthly Market Views: July 2024

Commentary by Monica Defend

4 themes driving markets:
  • Multi-speed global economic growth

  • Inflation likely to slow down

  • Mildly asynchronous central banks

  • Domestic politics and international geopolitics

Weekly Market Directions: July 8-12th, 2024

Geopolitics in focus as NATO leaders meet

Key takeaways:
  • Geopolitics will be increasingly relevant for investors as we enter the hottest phase of US elections.

  • After reaching new highs, equity markets may take a pause as uncertainty rises with US elections.

  • The global geopolitical reordering may benefit some Emerging Markets, like India.

Weekly Market Directions: July 8-12th, 2024

weekly market directions

Global Investment Views Infographic: June 2024

Global Investment views

Global Investment Views Infographic: June 2024

Explore the broadening of the rally with Europe

4 trends identified for the month ahead:
  • Play the rotation in equities

  • Slowing inflation positive for bonds

  • Boost potential returns through credit

  • Focus on long term winners in emerging markets 

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