Net Zero Ambition

It’s a phrase you have probably heard about, but what does Net Zero mean? Net Zero alignment is the most significant industrial and societal challenge that we humans have ever set ourselves. 

Leap Of Faith

What is Net Zero Ambition?

It’s about balancing the amount of greenhouse gases we’re pumping out into the earth’s atmosphere with the gases we’re removing.

If we can reach Net Zero, we won’t be adding to the total amount of greenhouse gases, which trap the heat from the sun and increase global temperatures1.

We need a momentum shift

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We need a momentum shift

Humans and our activities have led to an increase in Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs), intensified by the industrial revolutions since the 18th century. 

In 20152, at COP21, 195 parties adopted the Paris Agreement, which aims to “keep global temperature increase well below 2 degrees above pre-industrial times, while pursuing means to limit the increase to 1.5C”. But, as things stand, the world is not on track for this target.

All stakeholders (policy makers, companies and citizens) have a role to play and as individuals, there are adjustments we can make to our lifestyles that could collectively influence change.

We are committed to the fight against climate change

While we are aware that developing a climate resilient environment should be a collective effort, at Amundi we have set ourselves ambitious targets in order to seek out a path towards carbon neutrality by 2050 through investment solutions, advisory & engagement and knowledge-based services.

We are committed to the fight against climate change

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Where do I start?

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Where do I start?

Perhaps you’re reading this and feeling as though you don’t know where to start to do your part. The important thing to know is we’re all in this together and we can each do our bit to contribute to a Net Zero aligned world.

You may be able to contribute to the transition to a low carbon world in multiple ways through the right investments.

Through making responsible choices with your investments, we share the common goal to get close to Net Zero ambition. 


1 Intergovernmental panel on Climate Change,
2 United Nations, Climate Action:

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